FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay… I think this is going to be my favourite FairPrice

    I love shopping at Supermarkets. I know many mobile apps that will bring groceries to my doorstep. However, I find it interesting to walk the isles of supermarkets. I visually look at the labels and construct my meals around the number of calories and macronutrients. Yes, I am that weird and specific about what I eat. I like to look at labels and see what I am taking in. Hence, walking the aisles of supermarkets allows me to do just that. I have seen noticeable benefits and changes in my health since I started this practice. One of the places I frequent is of course FairPrice.

    So there is a new FairPrice in Clarke Quay. FairPrice Finest. Should be the same as every FairPrice Finest? No way. This one was way different.

    For starters, this is where the FairPrice Finest is located. Just go to the fountain in the center. You should be able to easily locate FairPrice Finest.

    When you walk in, you are greeted with a huge selection of wines. For all of you who want to get high before going to one of the clubs nearby, perhaps you can start your evening at FairPrice. Now that is a statement I never thought I would say. 

    Right in the center of the supermarket lies two rows of food stalls. There are tables with seats in the middle. This place is called The Grocer Food Hall.

    You can pick your protein and cook it at The Grocer Food Hall.

    This was at about 3 pm on a weekday afternoon. There was not much of a crowd. However, I was told by a friend that this place can get crowded during meal times. Of course during weekends this place would also be crowded.

    The rest of this FairPrice Finest still looks like what you would expect from a typical FairPrice Finest.

    This is an event space in the middle of this FairPrice Finest. Different brands can hold events at this event space. From that banner I would assume that Creamier held an event here recently.

    That space also plays host to workshops and masterclasses.

    The sushi section seems a lot more upmarket than the usual sushi offerings at other FairPrice outlets.

    There is even a corner where tourists can purchase souvenirs. This is still in the same FairPrice Finest. Patrons still pay at the usual FairPrice Finest payment counters. This is beside the fruits section.

    This FairPrice Finest sells items that are a little less commonly seen at other FairPrice Finest outlets. I have not seen a FairPrice selling Rose Bananas till this moment.

    I found this interesting and somewhat appealing. Do note that if you purchase drinks to be consumed at the food hall you may need to pay a surcharge. I bought a drink from the chiller and was charged a $1 surcharge. I believe alcoholic drinks may be a little more.

    I think I will be back for the yogurts and salads.

    This looks more like a bar and bistro than a supermarket. This is impressive. There is a full bar with waiters serving up drinks.

    3 pm and there were already patrons. You could just go over to the supermarket shelves to pick out your snacks to go with the drinks.

    Alternatively, Tong Garden has a booth within the supermarket. There is a staff attending to this booth.

    One day I will try this plant protein block and the vegan cheese. Just a heads up if anyone from FairPrice is reading this. Why are there limited vegan options in your frozen section at this FairPrice? I cannot find brands like Meat Zero in your frozen section.


    This FairPrice Finest is very impressive and the nicest supermarket I have been to. It is open daily from 8 am to 11 pm. On Friday and Saturday, they close an hour later at midnight. So obvious that this is for people who want to patronise the bar.

    I will be back. This is a short walk from my office.

    Yours sincerely,


    Daryl Lum
    Daryl Lum
    Gamer at heart, football fan, health enthusiast, loves to read, write, cycle, travel. Always interested in the latest that technology has to offer. Currently entrenched in the Apple ecosystem with little to no chance of escaping. Action movie fan. Thinks that midi-chlorians are littered around the universe. May the force be with you all...

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