Lala Pro Max is the alternative place for Lala Hotpot if you don’t want to queue

    Indulge in the latest culinary sensation taking Johor Bahru by storm – “Dai Tao Lala Pot” This trending eatery has garnered widespread attention, fueled by viral videos circulating on social media. Beware of the long queues that have become synonymous with this hotspot.


    Our journey to Taman Mount Austin Heights at 8pm was met with anticipation, but as we approached “Dai Tao Lala Pot,” the crawling traffic hinted at the eatery’s immense popularity. Daunted by the long queue, we almost considered an alternative dinner venue until we stumbled upon “Lala Pro Max,” just two shops away. Despite being packed, a quick check by a friend secured us a seat within five minutes, offering a welcome reprieve from the lengthy wait at Dai Tao Lala Pot.


    So, why is Lala Hotpot so popular?

    Sensational Fire Show: Witness a captivating fire show when Huadiao wine is poured over aromatic garlic and ginger, creating a sensory experience that comes with a warning: beware of fire and oil splatters. The theatrical preparation adds an extra layer of excitement to your dining experience.


    Fresh Lala Clams: Indulge in fresh, plump, and juicy lala clams. Sourced for their quality, these clams elevate the hotpot experience, ensuring a burst of flavors with each bite.




    Customizable Hotpot Session: As the pot is filled with soup, the adventure begins. You can add a variety of ingredients of your choice, transforming your meal into a delightful hotpot session. This unique twist sets it apart from the usual hotpot options, offering a diverse and enjoyable dining experience. The soup refill is free!


    Lala Pro Max stands as a worthy alternative to the trending Dai Tao Lala Pot. Beyond its captivating fire show, fresh lala clams, and customizable hotpot options, it provides a unique and memorable dining experience.

    When we finished our meal at around 10pm, the queue for Dai Tao Lala Pot was still as long. If we were to wait in line, we probably would still be waiting for our seats!

    daitoulalapot-facadeafter daitoulalapot-midnight

    The queue seems to be just as long even at midnight.

    Lala Pro Max
    No.53, Jalan Austin Heights 8/5, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru
    Daily: 5pm – 2am

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