How Little Big Red Dot all started…

    Recently our blog has been getting traction. Again. Now why do I use the word again? The Little Big Red Dot blog started as a fun project back in 2019, gained traction in 2020 and 2021, went into a hiatus in 2022 and made a comeback in 2023.


    The early beginnings

    It all started as a project to collect a community of business owners to blog together. The idea was coined by Kevin and myself. The name was because at that time I was running my corporate secretarial practice, which exists to this day, and the name of that company is Little Big Secretary Services Pte Ltd. The idea was that as business owners, we do not have the time and energy to maintain a website and come up with articles on a consistent enough basis for us to see any effect. By effect, I mean ranking on the various search engines. Mainly Google search. The plan was for Little Big Red Dot to be that platform whereby many businesses, from a variety of trades, could come together and write about their business and other related matters.

    We held regular meet-ups and got vendors from all over to work with us on the platform as well as the individual businesses that we were running. It helped that I co-owned a restaurant and we had a space to hold our events.

    This was a meet-up held at a shophouse at East Coast Road. That was the venue of the restaurant.

    For the first two years, this idea worked well. We managed to garner enough interest and had a large enough group of business owners. Everyone contributed to the platform and soon the Little Big Red Dot articles were ranking high on search engines. There were a few articles which appeared on Google Page 1 for popular keywords. Over time, the contributors dwindled. It was a natural progression as the main aim of businesses was to generate revenue. Now that the blog was bringing in enquiries, the time available for contributing articles dwindled. Eventually, we were left with just a few contributors.


    The 360 virtual tours

    During the pandemic, the company acquired a few 360-degree cameras. This allowed us to create virtual tours of various interest places around Singapore. This initially started as a hobby but morphed into a business. We managed to secure projects with large companies like Changi Airport Group and Kohler Singapore. We progressed to using mirrorless and DSLR cameras with pano heads.

    This was a project that we did for Tin Tin Singapore. You can find this virtual tour as well as other tours on

    Eventually, we put most of our projects on this webpage:

    As for the Changi Airport project, this is the dedicated webpage:

    Here are some shots of the team at the virtual tour project at Changi Airport during the pandemic.

    This was at the height of the pandemic. Borders were closed. Changi Airport was so deserted!


    Other services

    We still had clients who engaged the company to do web design and social media marketing. That remains a part of the company’s business today. On top of that, the company does provide video production and photography services. It also can deal with projects that entail full-stack web development.

    If you are interested to know what services Little Big Red Dot offers, you can visit this webpage:


    The new Little Big Red Dot

    Post covid, we needed a new direction. We revamped the website and decided that our articles should not only be ranked in terms of recentness but should also be geo-tagged. This would allow users of our website to make searches based on articles that are geo-tagged to locations that are close to the article that they are currently on.

    Oh yes, we got a new creative director. Wilber Suen. Wilber is well-known in the Thai lifestyle and food blogging community. His blog is one of the top English-Thai lifestyle websites. We worked with him previously. You can see him in the photo above during a meet up we had in the early days of the blog.

    Wilber often works on various projects for the Thai Tourism Board and has immense experience in branding and marketing.

    Oh, and he is a certified consultant under the Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore).

    On a lighter note, this is him at a tasting event at Thai Supermarket.

    So what is the direction of Little Big Red Dot?

    The blog is relatively strong. Its domain authority is high as evidenced by this…

    Source: ahrefs

    We do get quite a lot of queries concerning media-related work. Be it photography, videography and creating virtual tours. One thing that we have been falling short of would be growing our own YouTube channel as well as our social media platforms.

    We have been working on covering events across Singapore recently. This was an event which we covered just this week. The National Heritage Board brought members of the media to experience the new Changi Heritage Trail.

    While we may be a fledging media and design company, I am truly beaming with pride as to how far the company and the blog have grown over the past 5 years. Not forgetting the fact that the blog started as a passion project. It currently employs a local team and has its own dedicated office with a backend support team.

    Let’s see where the next 5 years will take us… usque in aeternum Little Big Red Dot!


    Yours sincerely,


    If you are interested in what services we offer, you can visit our sales site at

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