Another Option For Enjoying Korean Fine Dining In Singapore

    We will typically associate Korean restaurants with barbecue, fried chicken or army stew, like the many eateries located along Tanjong Pagar road.

    I think in recent times, there are more fine dining restaurants that serves Korean cuisine. Some popular ones would be ANJU and NAUE:UM, both which I thoroughly enjoyed when I visited.

    Last week, I made a reservation at ONMI, located at 107 Amoy Street. I had the dinner course meal which set me back at $135++ per person.

    The interior of the venue is warm and inviting. I also like it that the tables are adequately spaced. It was an open kitchen concept, from where I was seated, I can observe the chef preparing the food.

    They are quite accommodating on any dietary restrictions you might have but do remember to inform them early. Korean cuisine will have some seafood so diners who are allergic should inform in advance.


    Palette Cleanser – Korean plum jello with green apple. The jello burst into plum juice. It was very refreshing.

    A variety of hors d’oeuvre and sashimi. 

    Bibim-guksu (mixed spicy noodles)

    I thought this dish looked the prettiest. If I have to be very critical, this was the least impressive of all the dishes offered. I would have preferred the noodles to be more chilled and the taste to be stronger.

    Main course – marinated short ribs served with banchan, rice and spicy beef soup. It was very hearty. You can order for a second serving of the banchan, rice or soup if you wish.

    The ribs were soft and juicy. It was very tasty too.


    My Personal Verdict:

    Food: 4/5

    Ambience: 4/5

    Service: 4.5/5

    Will I return? Yes, will be keen to try their menu when they change for another season.

    Kevin Yeo
    Kevin Yeo
    IG: @kevinyeo82

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