Immersive Disney Animation Singapore – Should You Go?

    The immersive Disney animation is now on at Marina Bay Sands Theatre. I went and sat through the entire show 2 days ago.

    I bought the basic tickets, which is the entrance fee only with no freebies. If you pay more for the premium or VIP tickets, you get to collect some extra items like a mug, posters, etc. Saw the crowd collecting their posters after the end of the show.

    Oh, and the VIP ticket holders get to enter via a fast track lane.

    Once you are in, there’s a giant inflated Mickey Mouse for photo taking. You need to get a picture then if you wish as it’s a one way traffic.

    Once you enter the hall, there is a holding area with some displays. Not exactly very interesting to me. There are paper and pencils with guides on how to sketch the popular Disney characters. Everyone is having a go at it. (You can see my attempt at drawing Minnie in the video).

    I got my ticket for the 4pm slot. The main show starts at 4.30pm. It lasted about 60 minutes.

    The interactive wristband given to every one of us has some basic interaction with the sensors’ projection on the floor. Other than that, it’s nothing much to shout about.

    Oh and then towards then end, they blew a lot of bubbles into the hall. That’s about it.

    It a big open space where when the show starts, the animation will appear on all walls of the hall. My advice is to get seated somewhere in the middle for the most strategic view.

    There are a handful of chairs in the middle but was fully occupied by the time I entered. 95% of the crowd will end up sitting on the floor.

    This is part I wasn’t sure if this was done correctly. There are a lot of kids and kids being kids, will crawl and sprawl around the floor. You get everyone wearing their shoes stepping around and then sitting on the same floor.

    I even spotted a kid dropping his food on the floor and picking it up. I think it was dark and his parents did not notice.

    I do not think this set up is ideal considering the target audience are children.

    Unless you are a die-hard Disney fan or you are a parent there for your children, I would not recommend this.

    Personally, it was quite a disappointment considering the fee I paid.

    Kevin Yeo
    Kevin Yeo
    IG: @kevinyeo82

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