Indoor 3 Level Go-Kart at Hyperdrive Sentosa, Singapore

    Recently there are 2 new additions to the list of places you can go for go-karting in Singapore. One is called TurboCharged Marina Bay which is located next to Marina Bay Sands and one is the Hyperdrive at Sentosa (Palawan Beach).

    The former is only for a limited time till Jan 2024.

    The plus about Hyperdrive is that it’s indoor so rain or shine, your game can go on.

    I was keen to try out Hyperdrive because I read online that they have a gamified version, where you can collect ‘weapons’ to sabotage your fellow racers (think Mario Kart).

    Unfortunately, this was not implement as of the time of my visit (December 2023). Will look forward to visiting again when it is up.

    You need to purchase tickets online with a selected date and time slot. Do take note of this as their term of sale is that you are not allowed to swap date and time after purchase.

    It’s just a 3 min walk from the Beach Station so it’s easily accessible.

    Once inside, there are seats for you to wait for your designated time slot before heading downstairs for the safety briefing. While waiting, you can order food and drinks from the cafe and watch other races going on.

    Quite a lot of families are there and they are where food and fun chilling out.

    Another thing to take note is that only covered shoes are allowed. They do provide shoes if you forgot about this, but I guess it’s more hygienic to be wearing your own.

    It’s a 3 level race track, there are ramp up and slopes down, something different from the past ones I have been to which is mostly on level rounds with turns.

    It’s pretty cool that it’s digital, hence as you race, the LCD panel on your go-kart indicate your current position and also your lap time. Once the race is over, you also get an email notification on your race performance.

    Top speed racers will have their name listed on the leaders board on their website.

    I paid $86 for 2 sessions. Each race you can do an average of 8-10 laps of the circuit. At any one race, there’s a maximum of 12 racers. The $86 is listed as an opening special price on their website. I do not know when this will end and what the price will be after.

    All in all, I think it is good fun. There are also go-karts for kids and dual go-karts if the child is probably too young to drive.

    Kevin Yeo
    Kevin Yeo
    IG: @kevinyeo82

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