A Vegan Butchery by Jungle Kitchen

    Ok, I know what you are thinking. What the heck is a vegan butchery? I had the same sentiments when my colleagues mentioned that term to me. However, being the only vegetarian in the office, I was the obvious choice to cover this event. This event being Jungle Kitchen’s Vegan Butchery demonstration at the Boutique Fairs at the F1 Pit Building.

    A butcher is a person who may slaughter animals, dress their flesh, sell their meat or participate in any combination of these three tasks. This is the definition of butcher from Wikipedia. Going by that analogy, a vegan butcher should be a person who may chop up plants, dress the bi-product and sell the dressed-up bi-product.

    And you know what? I was right!

    Presenting, the vegan butcher for the day!

    A brief introduction about Jungle Kitchen. They are a company that sources tropical vegan ingredients from all over Asia. For example, the jackfruit that was used for butchering today was from Sri Lanka.

    Jungle Kitchen sells ready-to-cook canned food. I bought three cans of their Jungle Jack mix. It is a vegan mix of jackfruit, beetroot, moringa, kohila and Ayurvedic spices. It has a meaty texture and can be used as burger patties, meatballs or minced meat. We were treated to some fried vegan meatballs created using the Jungle Jack mix.

    Ok so back to the vegan butchering!

    The subject to be butchered was a young jackfruit.

    The purpose of the demonstration was to show the public how to butcher or chop up a jackfruit.

    Here are some of the ingredients that go into their products. Their products are canned.

    This is it. The one on the left in that small cup is a Jumble Jack fried vegan meatball.

    Surekha, the co-founder was extremely patient in introducing all the various ingredients and their products to us. If you have any questions about their products, feel free to approach anyone at the Jungle Kitchen booth.

    Wilber was impressed. I have always encouraged him to consume less meat and try to incorporate more plant-based meals into his diet. I have seen improvements in my health ever since becoming a vegetarian. I am not here to ask everyone to become a vegetarian but to try out vegan options and incorporate some of these options into your diet. It would broaden your meal options more than you think.

    Want to try their products? Head down to the Boutiques Fair at the F1 Pit Building happening from the 26th of April to Sunday 28th of April. They are located on level 3, Breathe Room. Jungle Kitchen is the very first booth facing the entrance.

    Visit them at or @wearejunglekitchen (I am assuming this is their Instagram handle).


    Yours sincerely,



    Here is a walk around of the event. Boutique Fairs 2024 happens from 26th of April 2024 to 28th of April 2024 at the F1 Pit Building.

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