Autumn in Japan, Two Weeks Self-Drive Travel Itinerary (Nagano, Hakone, Izu, Tokyo) – Day 7

    I woke up to this beautiful sight from my hotel room.

    Today, we will circle around Mount Fuji and visit some photo spots.

    Obuchi Sasaba. A tea plantation open to the public. This is a nice place to capture some pictures of Mount Fuji.

    At the entrance, you can support the tea plantation by getting some of their tea leaves. I bought a pack to bring home, and the tea is pretty good.

    I also like that it is not overly crowded.

    Shiraito Falls. This next place is about 25 minutes drive away.

    The waterfall is spectacular when viewed up close. The waterfall’s base is easily accessible from the road via a walking trail in just a few minutes.

    Oshino Hakkai Village. If you wish to visit this Unesco World Heritage Site, I suggest you consider going very early in the morning.

    When we reached the place, it was packed with people. I totally did not enjoy my time there. Honestly, I think that place screams “Tourist Trap”.

    Lunch at Sanrokuen

    Sanrokuen specializes in robatayaki, where diners order skewers of meat, fish and vegetables and cook them over hot coals in a hearth while seated on tatami mats.

    If you have not tried this before, it will be a good experience. However, because it is in the Mount Fuji area, the price will be a tad higher. Also, I found that taste okay. Not fantastic.

    After a late lunch, we headed back to the hotel, where we had made a booking to use the private onsen.

    Dinner at Sawayaka 

    I first came across this restaurant when researching food places in Shizuoka. I read online that this restaurant is famous for its Hamburg steaks and that the wait time at the main restaurant can be up to two hours.

    We actually wanted to visit last night, but it was full. I decided to try again this time, and we got a table.

    I do think this place is very popular as it was a full house by 6 pm. So, if you have never made a prior reservation, plan for an early dinner.

    The restaurant vibe reminds me of Sazeriya, a casual Japanese chain with a Western dining concept.

    It is pretty much a fast food type of food to me. Initially, I thought it was not those premium steaks.

    After dinner, we strolled around the outlet mall briefly before returning to rest for the night.

    Tomorrow will be the third and last day in Gotemba.


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    Autumn in Japan, Two Weeks Self-Drive Travel Itinerary (Nagano, Hakone, Izu, Tokyo)

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