A New Thai Grill and Bar That Serves Pretty Awesome Food | Jungle Thai At Ann Siang Hill

    Hello everybody, my name is Wilber, and I LOVE Thai food.

    Yesterday, my team and I received a media invite to a new restaurant and bar serving Thai dishes and a curated liquor menu.

    Jungle At 10 Ann Siang Hill.

    Upon entering the premises, the first impression is of a cosy setup with a laid-back atmosphere. Funk music plays in the background, evoking the vibe of a Bangkok watering hole.

    Despite opening its doors just in June, this place already seems popular. The tables were full even on a Tuesday.

    At first glance, the food menu seems a bit small. However, the chef and his team are constantly experimenting with the lineup, so this might change as they go along.

    More importantly, is the food any good? Let’s see.

    We began our dinner with some drinks. Following the owner’s recommendation, I ordered their newly crafted cocktail, the Mango Sticky Sour.

    The drink was somewhat light in flavour, and I wished the mango taste was more pronounced.

    Their drinks list also features some imported beers from Thailand.

    Here’s the plan: We will start with some appetisers, then the grilled items, followed by the curry, and then finish off with the dessert.

    Pomelo-Lemongrass Salad. This dish has a refreshing flavour profile. It contains a bit of pomelo, lemongrass, dried shrimp, and candied coconut. Each bite is a harmonious blend of sweet, savoury, and tangy flavours, creating a refreshing and invigorating salad.

    I love this.

    Served together with the salad is the Northern Duck Laab. This is a savoury northern Thai cuisine which is rich and aromatic.

    The spice level is acceptable for Singaporeans, and I like that it’s not overly salty. It’s a perfect munching pairing with beer.

    Next, we are served three grilled dishes. One is the Northern Style Grilled Sausage. This fragrant and flavorful sausage is made from minced pork mixed with aromatic herbs and spices, creating a unique taste that is quintessentially Northern Thai.

    The sausages are then grilled over an open flame until they are beautifully charred.

    Pair a small piece of the sausage with fresh vegetables for a complete flavour experience. I wish the sausage had a firmer texture, as the minced meat tended to come apart easily.

    The Southern-style charcoal Grilled Chicken is succulent (I believe they used thigh meat), and the open-firing grilling gave it a smokey finish. They then topped off the chicken steak with a layer of red curry glaze (made from scratch in the kitchen).

    The Sugarcane-Smoked Pork Jowl is tender and juicy. It was smoked for hours with lychee wood and sugarcane before being grilled over charcoal.

    They serve pickled cucumber by the side to cleanse the palate after every bite, resetting the taste buds and allowing diners to fully appreciate every bite’s nuanced flavours.

    This thoughtful addition underscores their attention to detail in ensuring a well-rounded and enjoyable meal.

    If you only have stomach for one grill dish, this has to be the one.

    Next are the two curries: the Southern Crab Yellow Curry (spicy) and the Beef Panaeng Curry (non-spicy).

    It’s good that they have items catering to individuals who cannot take spicy food.

    The curry was exceptional, perfectly complementing the jasmine rice. I can’t choose between the two; they both impressed me equally.

    For dessert, they served Grilled Banana Cake with gula melaka caramel and coconut ice cream for the finale.

    Although this is currently the only dessert on the menu, I’m certain I’ll return for the banana cake. It was warm, moist, and easily one of the best banana cakes I’ve ever had.

    Stoves for charcoal grill

    After dinner, I had the chance to speak with the two founders. During this conversation, I learned they regularly travel to Thailand to gather inspiration for their menu—many of the ingredients and spices they use come directly from local farmers in Thailand. The chef displayed a strong passion for food, clearly dedicated to sourcing the finest ingredients to ensure flavours that guests will enjoy.

    I find the prices reasonable, given the food quality, location, and ambience. The serving sizes are suitable for sharing between two people, allowing for a diverse tasting experience without feeling overly full.

    The team at JUNGLE is both adventurous and dedicated to introducing a range of regional Thai cuisines to Singapore’s F&B scene. Not just another typical Thai restaurant serving pad Thai or pad kraw pow.

    I would certainly recommend this place to anyone looking to experience a refreshing take on regional Thai cuisine.

    Photo with the founders: Ravin Bajwa (right) and Executive Chef Liaw Wei Loon (left)

    Address: 10 Ann Siang Hill, 069789 Singapore

    Phone Number: +65 8389 2258

    Email: [email protected]

    Opening Hours: From Tues to Sat, 6 pm till late

    Seating: 40 seats inside, 10 seats outside

    Social Media:

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