The Bus Collective: Bus-themed resort hotel opens on 1 Dec 2023

    The hospitality industry is currently in the midst of an exciting transformation, with sustainability and eco-consciousness taking center stage. “The Bus Collective” exemplifies this shift as Southeast Asia’s pioneering resort hotel, ingeniously repurposed from decommissioned buses. Nestled in the heart of Changi Village, Singapore, this extraordinary establishment has redefined the concept of luxury hospitality with a strong environmental focus.

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    I remember these SBS Transit Scania K230UB Euro IV being launched on Service 100 in 2007 and 16 years later they are making way for greener buses. “The Bus Collective” has brought new life to 20 retired public buses, transforming them into luxurious suites.

    Each suite retains the original bus features, creating a unique experience that seamlessly blends comfort, originality, and sustainability. Here, you’re not just reserving a room; you’re immersing yourself in an environment designed to cater to different needs.

    thebuscollective5 thebuscollective6

    The hotel does not just offer rooms but an immersive experience, as each suite is designed differently to suit different needs.


    Strategically located right next to the lively Changi Village Hawker Centre, “The Bus Collective” maximizes its 8,600 sqm property. This prime spot offers guests the best of both worlds: a peaceful resort atmosphere and convenient access to the charming Changi Village neighborhood, along with the delectable offerings of the Changi Village Hawker Centre.


    The hotel has meticulously designed its suite interiors, providing amenities such as luxurious beds, rain showers, and even bathtubs, ensuring guests enjoy the utmost comfort while soaking in the unique ambience.

    thebuscollective14 thebuscollective16thebuscollective-bathtub

    “The Bus Collective” also happens to be an ideal spot for plane-spotting.



    The resort opens its doors on December 1, 2023, with room rates starting from SGD 398. This unique hotel doesn’t offer conventional facilities like a gym or pool. Instead, it encourages guests to explore and connect with the local community.

    They also provide a range of activities and tours that can be conveniently booked through their experience center, making your stay more immersive and interactive.


    Alternatively, you can choose to relax in the resort’s atmosphere and make use of the BBQ pit just outside the suite, taking your BBQ experience to the next level.


    If you’re planning a visit to Singapore and are in search of a distinctive, luxurious, and sustainable experience, “The Bus Collective” is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. For more information and to secure your reservations, simply visit their official website or explore various travel booking platforms.


    “The Bus Collective” is more than just a hotel; it’s a testament to the ongoing innovations within the hospitality industry. It’s a fusion of luxury, creativity, and environmental consciousness, all wrapped into an unforgettable resort experience. By choosing “The Bus Collective,” you’re not just reserving a room; you’re becoming a part of a larger, sustainable movement.

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