Ji Xiang Confectionary Ang Ku Kueh. Is it the best Ang Ku Kueh in Singapore?

    Ji Xian Confectionery’s Ang Ku Kueh is the best Ang Ku Kueh in Singapore.

    An extremely bold claim by Little Big Red Dot’s creative director Wilber Suen…

    When one makes such a bold claim, I have to validate the claim immediately. This warranted a detour from the journey back to the office. Lunch was not even settled. The first port of call was Ji Xian Confectionery at Everton Road. Everything else could wait. All other assignments were deemed secondary. The primary focus was to get the so-called “best Ang Ku Kueh in Singapore”, put it to the test and decide whether Wilber was once again all fluff with little substance. He had previously recommended a cafe in Bangkok which turned out to be a huge tourist trap. He has been forgiven but the recommendation should never be forgotten. The question was whether this person’s credibility would be substantiated or further damaged by his bold claim of the moment.

    It was a weekday afternoon and there was a steady stream of customers. The queue was never too long but there were constantly 2-3 people in the queue.

    We met Mr Teong. He is the cousin of the founder. He was very friendly and helpful. I have never been to his shop and hence I was a bit lost. He introduced the various flavours to me. He introduced Wilber and me to their Facebook page and invited us to follow the page. Followers will get a free Ang Ku Kueh!

    Wilber was pleasantly thrilled to meet Mr Teong. This is truly refreshing. There are many traditional businesses where you get the sense that the owners are in auto-pilot mode. They do not focus on customer service and portray an attitude which gives me a sense that they do not need my business to survive. I have never been a difficult customer but it feels so refreshing to meet Mr Teong. The lady who took my order was also very enthusiastic. She actually walked over to the front to point to me the various flavours and what was good. I actually ended up buying two of each flavour.

    I have always wondered why certain businesses stop valuing customer service. This is especially true for some who develop a certain level of success. Ji Xian Confectionery is truly a breath of fresh air. I have never been here but from their attitude, I think I will make subsequent trips if I am to purchase Ang Ku Kueh.

    But putting aside the excellent customer service and friendliness, their Ang Ku Kueh is very good. The skin of the kueh is not overly thick and the filling is extremely generous. My favourite flavours are the peanut and black sesame flavours. Next would be the coconut and both the sweet and salted bean. I was not impressed with the durian and yam flavours but then I never really fancied desserts that were durian-infused. Perhaps it was because I had durians the day before and the durian filling portrayed a much weaker durian taste as compared to the real McCoy.

    Is it Singapore’s best Ang Ku Kueh? I believe so. On flavour and taste, if it is not the best then it is close to the best. What places Ji Xiang Confectionery on top is its friendly demeanour to its customers.

    Never change. I can understand why your business is doing well.

    Here’s a video review of their Ang Ku Kueh:

    Ji Xiang Confectionery (Everton Park)
    Address: 1 Everton Park, #01-33, Singapore 081001
    Open daily from 8 am to 5 pm
    Phone: 62231631

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