My 14 Days Travel Itinerary In Kyushu Japan 2023 – Day 11 to 14

    The last 4 days are spent in Fukuoka. I decided to keep the car for 1 more day as there are still some places I would like to visit and driving would be the most convenient way to get there. Plus the fact that the train system is not as developed compared to Tokyo.

    I will summarise the good places I visited that you can consider adding to your travel plans. Not in chronological order.

    Kawachi Wisteria Garden (Kawauchi Fujien)

    You like flowers? Beautiful purple flowers lined along two 100-meter-long tunnels. It makes for an excellent photo taking opportunity.

    The gardens open to the public twice a year: once during the wisteria season in spring and once during the fall.

    Timing is essential. From the pictures, you can tell we are actually bit too early for full bloom.

    It actually took us 1 hour to drive from city centre so to be very sure we are not disappointed, we got the friendly hotel staff to call up the Wisteria and double check it was open.

    And because it’s not full bloom yet, tickets are sold at half price. haha! but the trade-off was that it did not looked as impressive.

    5 Star Ramen: 拉麺處 丸八 Maruhachi

    Another reason why I wanted to have the car for another day. To visit this ramen stall that I saw on YouTube.

    They are open only 4 days a week, and they operate only for 4 hours daily. I had to plan my schedule strategically to fit this in.

    Check out the reviews online yourself. The ramen to me is one of the best I have eaten. Mostly locals when I visited.

    Kora Taisha Shrine

    The very famous stairway with lanterns lining. I think it will be a lot more impressive during golden and blue hours.

    We did not have much time left to explore the city and to shop so this place was touch and go.

    It was beautiful. I should bring along my film camera next time to get a really nice picture of this place.

    Dazaifu Tenmangu 太宰府天満宮

    Decently nice place to explore. It was quite crowded. I suppose it’s a must visit tourist spot plus it’s easily accessible. (but certainly not as bad as Asakusa)

    Found a couple of nice sweets store and they have this cute Miffy specialty store.

    You can probably spend about 2-3 hours here.

    This place is so peaceful and beautiful. I think you must mark this place down. You can drive or come via train.
    Some other special mentions:
    LaLaport Fukuoka – probably the next best place to shop besides Canal City Hakata.
    If nothing else, you must come here for the Godiva crepe. It’s special menu item you cannot find elsewhere.
    Offal Hotpot at Motsunabe Rakutenchi Tenjin
    Some might find this disgusting. I like to experience the local culture by food. It’s an acquired taste but I highly recommend this!
    If you have been following my blog post from Day 1 till now, I thank you for reading and the support 🙂
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    Kevin Yeo
    Kevin Yeo
    IG: @kevinyeo82

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