My 14 Days Travel Itinerary In Kyushu Japan 2023 – Day 10

    Bye-bye, Nagasaki. The final four days will be spent in the central city of Fukuoka.

    It will be about two hours of driving, but it will perhaps take much longer than that as we still have some places to visit along the way.

    They are beautiful places, and you should also mark them in your itinerary!

    Yutoku Inari Shrine

    This has to be the most famous Inari shrine in Kyushu. And it’s so iconic and beautiful. I’m sure you would have seen this in many travel articles or YouTube videos, but nothing beats seeing this for yourself.

    My wife was initially sceptical about visiting, as she had been to too many shrines in Japan. But she did not regret coming here.

    Lunch: The Awesome Saga Beef at Its a showtime steak restaurant

    We purposely drove there for our lunch, and it was not disappointing! Consider Saga Beef, the creme de la creme of Wagyu beef.

    Please note that they only accept cash. Always have cash on hand when you travel and visit places other than the major cities.

    The place looks retro but still gives off a luxurious vibe. Many couples and families use it for anniversaries and celebrations.

    How did I find this place? After rigorous research, I want to know where the locals will go for a good steak. This is one of the most mentioned restaurants.

    Beautiful Porcelain Town: Imari Okawachiyama 

    This is a town that produces beautiful porcelain wares. We came here because we saw beautiful pictures online and wanted to visit and take some photos.

    The place was so idyllic. Even the town’s map is made of porcelain.

    The location is not quite easily accessible. We are the only handful of visitors roaming the streets.

    I would have loved to spend more time exploring the town, but there’s somewhere else we want to go.

    In the countryside, shops close relatively early.

    Coffee at Gallery Arita: Personalise Your Coffee in the Most Beautiful Way

    While exploring the pottery town of Arita in Saga Prefecture, there’s one spot you can’t miss if you’re a coffee lover. It’s called Gallery Arita, one of the most unique spots in Japan where you can get your caffeine fix!

    The entire cafe is lined with porcelain cups and saucers of different designs.

    After making your order, you can select the design you want. The coffee will be served in the cup you choose.

    If you love the designs and wish to bring them home, head to the attached showroom and take your pick.

    Sueyama Shinto Shrine: Torii Gate made of Porcelain

    Torii Gates half submerged in water, Torii Gates on top of a mountain, these sights are not common but they are not unique.

    A Torii Gate made of porcelain, i cannot think of another.

    If you are in Arita, be sure of set aside time to come visit. Especially during golden hours, it’s absolutely stunning.

    Ok! There are actually a couple of more places I wish I had the time to visit but it was getting late and we need to reach Fukuoka before dark.

    The next 3-4 days will be mostly shopping and eating in the main city.


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    Kevin Yeo
    Kevin Yeo
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