Museum of Ice Cream… Valentine’s Day Edition!

    I am Wilber and I love ice-cream… Actually I love dessert. Ok I think I have to cut down on my snacks a little because I got back my health check results and there are some things that I have to work on. Whatever it is, I still love ice-cream. I will try my best to think of how to deal with my health later…

    Little Big Red Dot got invited for a special preview on the 8th of February of what is in store at Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) for this Valentine’s Day period from 14th to 18th February 2024. Sadly, my date for the afternoon was Willie. No he is not pretty at all and I do not intend to share my ice cream with him.

    Ok, you can watch the video of our date here:

    Ok so on its own, MOIC is pink enough to pass off as an ideal spot to bring your hot date (not your colleague) to on Valentine’s Day. Look at this…

    Ok seriously. This is an ideal place if you want your date to feel like you are super romantic.

    But we were not here for the mosh pit. We were here for the ice cream. If not it won’t be called museum of ICE CREAM right?

    Seriously eat so many different “pattern” of ice cream, the good old rectangular block of cookies and cream in-between two wafers is still one of the top choices.

    Yes you can actually eat as much ice cream as you want and no there is no doctor’s clinic next door that you can go to to report sick for diabetes. The doctor you have to find yourself. To be honest, when you tell me free flow ice cream, that is one of the most dangerous free flow things you can tell me.

    Menu at Museum of Ice Cream

    Here is the menu of what is available. On Valentine’s Day it’s a bit extra.

    For a limited time, you can get the exclusive Valentine’s experience bundle at $22 (usual price $39). This includes an exclusive Love Sundae and Sprinkle Bown, two sweet Gift Shop items and a lovely heart lock. You and your date (again, not your colleague like me. Obviously I did not do this with Willie…) can pledge your wishes for each other.

    Couples will also get 50% off their second order at Scream’s Diner and MOIC’s Dessert Bar. There is also 50% on your second item at MOIC’s gift shop (discount on the lower priced item. Cannot play cheat.)

    Should look like this. This picture is what MOIC sent to me so I can show you. My ice cream all eaten already. There is no more left…

    But seriously, this place is red and pink everywhere. Really romantic. Outdoor chairs and tables also red. Drink also red.

    There are many spots for visitors to take photos… Can “kay siao” say “we hold balloon together take photo here lah”…

    Balloon at Museum of Ice Cream

    Or “let’s do trivia together lah…”

    Seriously this place. Really romantic. If you love ice cream like me, you can come. If you love ice cream and on a date, super ideal.

    Imagine this…

    This is the ideal situation. MOIC sent me this picture also.

    Instead I am here with Willie. Not on a date…

    Ok I show you who is Willie. I really don’t know what is he trying to do…

    Willie at Museum of Ice Cream

    At least I look cooler…

    Wilber at Museum of Ice Cream

    Will I be back to MOIC on Valentine’s Day? That depends on whether my date accepts my request.

    Yours sincerely,

    Wilber Suen

    Wilber Suen
    Wilber Suen
    Embrace happiness! I have a passion for savoring delectable cuisines, unwinding in the soothing ambiance of jazz and piano bars, indulging in rejuvenating aromatherapy spa sessions, and staying up-to-date with the latest in technology and cars. My heart beats for all things Thai, as evidenced by my role in running, a Thailand-focused platform. Whether you spot me in Singapore or Thailand, be sure to say Hi and share a moment of joy!

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