Mr Mookata Plus at Tanglin

    My name is Willie Tan and I love mookata. I also love beer. I also love to eat. Therefore, when we received an invite to the grand opening of Mr Mookata Plus, I was the perfect candidate to represent Little Big Red Dot.

    Mr Mookata is a popular mookata chain that is located at Liang Seah Street. Mr Mookata Plus is their collaboration with Sathanee Mee Hoi. Sathanee Mee Hoi is a restaurant in Bangkok that gained notoriety for its hunky waiters. The waiters would dance in skimpy clothing to the sound of music. It is a place that you go to, especially if you are a lady, to be entertained. The food is nothing exceptional but the entertainment is.

    Mr Mookata Plus was supposed to have some Thai hunks. However… it all changed a few days from the grand opening…

    Sorry ladies…

    So apparently to compensate for the hunks not being around, there was free-flow beer. To a guy like me that was more than adequate replacement for the lack of Thai entertainment. To some female fans, perhaps less so.

    The place is very pleasant. Tucked away somewhat around the Dempsey area, it is a very nice place to have an alfresco meal.

    There is a buffet option. I would say the pricing is rather attractive.

    Very pretty outdoor area.

    The hunk idea is not all lost. Replacing the Thai hunks were Singapore hunks! I do not know whether that is better or worse. However, one novel thing is that you can place an order for the hunks to do things like feed you or peel the prawns for you.

    There was a customer who ordered the Princess Carry.

    So lucky right?

    I am not a princess so I did not order that.

    Here is the food.

    Mookata wise the quality of the food is similar to Mr Mookata at Liang Seah Street. Why would it not be? It is run by the same people. The differentiating factor would be the hunks. Now that the Thai hunks are not allowed in, would the Singapore hunks have the same effect?

    No one knows.

    But anyway, I might join them you know…

    I got to work on my guns.

    Time to go back to the office for some bicep curls.

    Yours sincerely,


    Willie Tan
    Willie Tan
    Plays football with Puma boots. Cycles on weekends with a Trek hybrid. Gets tired playing PlayStation 5. A decent singer in his prime. Eats almost anything. Ready for conversations anytime.

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