COTE Korean Steakhouse – America’s first and only Michelin-starred Korean Steakhouse

    COTE Korean Steakhouse, Singapore’s latest sexy and upmarket steakhouse. Located on Level 3 of Como Orchard.

    Visited the place last Sunday and writing to share my experience. I must give a caveat that I just visited the land of Wagyu, Japan less than a month ago and this article might contain some recency bias. 🙂

    Let’s talk about the aesthetics.

    Upon exiting the lift, we were greeted by the concierge. It’s a nice touch and it almost felt we were entering a club.

    The restaurant is portioned into 3. The bar in the middle, the dining area to the left and the VVIP rooms to the right.

    It’s a nice place to hang out for pre-dinner drinks but we decided to dive right into feasting.

    There are 3 ways to order. Ala carte, Butcher’s Feast or the Steak Omakase. The Butcher’s Feast seem to be a good middle ground for the both of us so we chose that.

    As with any typical Korean eateries, the Ban Chan (side dishes) are free flow. The amount of food on offer is just nice for the both of us. We almost wanted to order extra items for sharing and luckily we didn’t.

    The ratio of service staff to tables is high. The service crew are friendly and attentive to our needs.

    The side dishes did not disappoint.

    As part of the course, they also served two type of stews as well as the foamy egg. Rice is free flow.

    As part of the Butcher’s Feast, there are 5 kinds of different cuts of meat on offer. We also added SGD45 per pax for the A5 Wagyu (see picture above).

    Total damage was SGD300++. This price was also inclusive of the beverages we ordered.

    I quite like the upscale vibe of the restaurant. I think it is a very awesome place to host dinner or for date nights.

    It totally does not have the typical Korean BBQ vibe other than the tell tale signs from the Ban Chans.

    The dessert was bit underwhelming as it was a scoop of ice cream served in a paper cup. I think this can be done better for such an ‘atas’ eatery.

    Having just returned from Japan and tasted the high quality beef for a fraction of the price, I must say the meats did not impress relative to what I had in Japan.


    Kevin Yeo
    Kevin Yeo
    IG: @kevinyeo82

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