Urban Folks at Margaret Market

    If you live in the Margaret Drive area, you will remember this place as the Margaret Drive Wet Market. This is where decades ago we came to get our fresh produce. However, it is now repurposed as a food court of sorts with cafes and stalls lining both sides of the market.

    It is hard to imagine that this was once a place where fresh meats and vegetables were sold. It just looks so tranquil and serene.

    There are common seating areas in the middle as well as seats in specific stalls/ cafes. If you have friends who want to patronise from different stalls, then you could all sit in the common seating areas. Oh, and this place is air-conditioned! That is a massive plus, especially with the ridiculously hot and humid weather these days.

    Urban Folks is a cafe selling toast, acai bowls and coffee. It has a quaint little corner of its own in Margaret Market.

    Their menu is not extensive and that is not a bad thing these days. It keeps the decision-making process efficient and the cafe just has to focus on getting good on the few items on the menu.

    I would say that their sandwiches are a little on the expensive side considering the size of the serving. My Hallouminati cost me $15. However, this was a very good toasted sandwich. I am a fan of avocado and I believe they made it fresh as the sauce was chunky.

    Our creative director Wilber got the Eggsquisite. He also commented that the portion was a little underwhelming although the toast was well balanced in terms of savouryness from the spam and cheese.

    I actually came here for the acai… You cannot really go wrong with acai. Especially with fans of acai bowls like myself. Despite this being labelled Urban Bowl, it came in a cup. I think the differentiating factor for sellers of acai bowls would be whether their offerings were Instagramable.

    Here is the menu.

    Will I return? I guess so. The food is good and the environment is very pleasant. If you are looking for a place to have a quiet meal and afterwards have a lazy afternoon chat over coffee, then I would urge you to consider paying Margaret Market a visit. I do sincerely hope that we conserve more of such locations and repurpose them. Singapore’s urban rejuvenation has been so aggressive that we lose sight of the hallmarks of history in various parts of the island.

    Yours sincerely,


    Daryl Lum
    Daryl Lum
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