Tokyo Mazesoba at Menya Kokoro

    The simplest way to explain mazesoba to Singaporeans would be to tell them that this is the Japanese version of Bar Chor Mee. That would not be a far stretch from the truth. Mazesoba is dry noodles with an assortment of ingredients which have to be mixed up before consuming. The fact that vinegar is an optional, but in my opinion essential, addition suggests that this is much closer to Bar Chor Mee than we think it is.

    The outlet in question in this blog post would be Kenya Kokoro at Suntec City. It is located on the 3rd level. For those who are familiar with the history of Suntec, this used to be where the first Kushinbo outlet was located.

    The kitchen was right at the back of the restaurant. I never understood why these bar seats were less popular. If I was there alone I would request to sit here.

    When you visit a place for mazesoba, you really need to focus. You are here for mazesoba. Other options should be a mere consideration.

    Just for mentions sake, they do serve other options as you can see from the menu.

    For vegetarians and vegans, the Vegan Mazesoba on offer is truly epic.

    It comes with thick soba noodles, cabbage, tomatoes edamame and cucumber for that added crunch and texture, beancurd skin for sweetness, beans with mustard and a slice of lemon for a slight tangy taste.

    A set comes with a salad and a drink.

    This adds $4.20 to the $14.80 bowl of Vegan Mazesoba.

    The wait was about 15 minutes for the bowl of mazesoba to arrive. The staff will give you this instruction card as to how you should enjoy your mazesoba. In summary, mix it and try it and add vinegar as required. Once you are about done, you can request for a small serving of rice to mix it with the remaining sauce at the bottom of the bowl.

    This is how it looks mixed.

    A relatively generous serving of vinegar went into my bowl of mazesoba.

    For those who are thinking that they cannot finish a serving of rice, this looks more like one spoonful of rice. Don’t worry, it is not a lot and it goes very well with what is left of the bowl of mazesoba.

    I was with my colleague Wilber. He ordered the Chashu Mazesoba and there was a lunch set meal.

    This was his side. The Chikuwa Tempura.

    Here is the lunch promotion.

    There is a 1-for-1 promotion on premium Sapporo draft beer as well. For those who enjoy beer.

    I was there for the mazesoba. Not for the first time. It was good.

    Yours sincerely,



    Kenya Kokoro @ Suntec City
    3 Temasek Boulevard, Mall, #03-313 Suntec City, 038983
    Mondays to Thursdays: 11 am to 3 pm, 5 pm to 9 pm
    Friday and Saturday: 11 am to 930 pm
    Sunday 11 am to 9 pm


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