Oo La Lab launches new flagship at 71 Amoy Street with new Incense Making Workshop

    Everybody loves a good smell, and Oo La Lab, a fragrance brand based in Singapore, is changing how we think about scents. Oo La Lab focuses on creating personalized scents that can improve our mood and enhance our lives. Think of the delightful scents you experience when you step into Changi Airport or ION Orchard—that’s the kind of magic Oo La Lab aims to bring to your everyday life.


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    Oo La Lab offers custom scent creation services and unique fragrance products. The founder, Dan Terry, believes that scents can improve our mood, reduce stress, and even help us sleep better. Their products are designed to promote relaxation, improve focus, and reduce anxiety.


    Oo La Lab has opened their flagship store in Chinatown at 71 Amoy St. This store is a special place for anyone who loves fragrances. You can explore their unique products and services in an immersive, sensory-rich environment.


    One of the exciting new offerings at the Chinatown store is an incense-making workshop.


    This workshop is perfect for anyone interested in the ancient art of incense making. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Learn the History of Incense: Discover how incense has been used throughout history for cultural and spiritual purposes.
    • Use High-Quality Materials: Work with natural ingredients like resins, woods, herbs, and essential oils. Learn how each ingredient affects the scent and burning experience.


    • Create Your Own Incense: Guided by expert perfumers, you’ll get to make your own incense. Experiment with different combinations to find a scent you love.

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    • Take Home Your Creations: You’ll leave the workshop with your own handcrafted incense and the knowledge to make more at home.
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    Along with the workshop, Oo La Lab is launching a new collection of perfumes called ‘Abstract Things’. These 100ml Eau de Parfums are innovative and creative, offering new and exciting scents.


    Whether you’re a fragrance expert or just curious, Oo La Lab’s new store is a must-visit if you are in the area. Experience their unique scents, participate in the incense workshop, and discover how fragrance can enhance your well-being.


    Photos are taken with Honor Magic6 Pro, unedited.

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