My 14 Days Travel Itinerary In Kyushu Japan 2023 – Day 8

    Good morning. A sumptuous breakfast is served.

    Today marks the last day in Beppu, and we are headed to Nagasaki for the next two days. The drive across the Kyushu island from east to west will be long.

    Lunch at Yococho (onsen tofu)

    After about two and a half-hour’s drive, we arrive at Ureshino, Saga. There’s a restaurant famous for its tofu meal.

    When tofu simmers in the hot spring water at Ureshino Hot Springs, the broth becomes milky white, and the hot spring minerals make the tofu very soft. Boiling tofu, characterized by its texture and milky soup, is a speciality dish at Ureshino hot springs. The tofu is made of soybeans produced only in Saga Prefecture (Ureshino).

    The shop was closing for their break, but the boss was kind enough to let us make a last order.

    Ureshino is also a famous onsen town. It does seem a fair bit quieter compared to Beppu.

    After another 60-minute drive, we finally arrived at our hotel in Nagasaki. Our hotel of choice here is Dormy Inn Premium Nagasaki Ekimae.

    It is centrally located and within walking distance to a lot of shops and amenities.

    We were rather tired and will do the sightseeing the next day. In the evening, we will walk to Shinci Chinatown for dinner.

    Along the way, we passed Hamanomachi Arcade, the central shopping street downtown.

    There’s not much to buy except to try the few snacks recommended by YouTubers. It’s an easy street to walk, and you will not miss anything if you explore from end to end.

    Perhaps it was evening, so Chinatown was not precisely as bustling as I would have expected. Maybe the activities happen in the day.

    Dinner: Champon Noodles at Horaiken

    The famous dish to try here is their Champon noodles. Champon is a delicious dish consisting of various ingredients including thick noodles, vegetables, seafood and sliced pork, in a pork bone broth. It was originally a meal for staff of Chinese restaurants, but is now regarded as the representative dish of Nagasaki.

    It could be because I’m a Singaporean, and the Chinese food offered did not wow me. It was good, but not fantastic.

    We just strolled back to the hotel after dinner and rested.


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