My 14 Days Travel Itinerary In Kyushu Japan 2023 – Day 1

    In April this year, we planned a two-week self-drive trip to Kyushu. Our travel period coincided with the Spring period, and the Sakura season was ending.

    After countless weekends watching YouTube and scouring the internet for reviews of places and things to eat, we got a travel plan all set and ready to go.

    Tip: if you want to research this area, it’s best to type in the Chinese name (福冈,九州). You will find much more exciting information as Kyushu, Fukuoka is a popular travel destination for the Taiwanese and Hongkongers. 

    Here’s how I planned my route >> Kumamoto >> Beppu >> Nagasaki >> Fukuoka.

    I will blog about my trip in chronological order and highlight the places of interest I think you can consider going to.


    We arrived at Fukuoka Airport and immediately picked up our car at the airport shop. This is not my first time doing self-drive in Japan. It is right-hand drive, and all the cars have an English GPS system. The roads are easy to navigate, and honestly, I find self-drive trips a lot more enjoyable as I can stop and go as I please.

    I would always go for Toyota because they have the most outlets, and I can return the car to a different outlet. (which I planned to)

    First stop: Fruit picking @ Fruitelier Nakamura Fruit Farm

    It’s the strawberry season. It is the best time of the year to visit a fruit farm and have a buffet of strawberries.

    For a fee, you gain access to their farm (which is shaded). Pick up a pair of scissors and eat away! All you can eat within 90 minutes. The strawberries are big and juicy. For this quality, you probably have to pay S$15 for a small pack in Donki, Singapore.

    I picked Fruitelier Nakamura as it was on our way to the hotel and was highly rated online. Their website is in Japanese and might be challenging to navigate. It will be prudent to contact them and book in advance, as slots are limited.

    Try messaging them on Facebook.

    Second Stop: Awesome viewpoint from a green tea farm

    The next place, en route to our hotel, is a scenic spot in the area of Yame. Green tea (matcha) is one of their specialities. To get to this little hilltop where we found a lovely little cafe, you will need to do a short drive up.

    I highly recommend you put this place as one of the pit stops if you are in the area. The view is lovely, and it is not too crowded.

    Check in to Hotel

    The sunset, and we arrived at our hotel for our Matsumoto’s leg. The Blossom Kumamoto. It’s conveniently located next to the train station with a mall.

    There is also a dedicated parking area for hotel guests.

    I did not manage to take too many photos of the hotel, but I can assure you it was a very pleasant stay for me.

    View from my hotel room. Not too shabby.

    I like the hotel lobby. Has a very zen feel to it.

    Dinner: Must try Tonkatsu in Kumamoto

    If you are in Kumamoto and love a good Tonkatsu, check out Katsuretsu Tei Shinshigai.

    I think I waited in line for about 30 minutes. The restaurant is located very near to the main shopping street.

    The Tonkatsu was juicy, and the batter was fragrant.

    If I am not wrong, this outlet is Michelin-rated. I saw other branches, but none was as crowded as this particular outlet.

    You will not regret coming here.


    After dinner, we decided to rest early. Headed back to the hotel, went to their onsen to relax for a little and went to bed.

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    PS: if you want a copy of my entire itinerary, leave a comment below with your email, and we will send it to your inbox!

    Kevin Yeo
    Kevin Yeo
    IG: @kevinyeo82

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    1. Hi Kelvin,
      Found your website on google and am interested in a copy of your itinerary. Appreciate it if you can email in a copy to the email indicated. Thanks!!

    2. Hi Kevin
      I encountered your travel blog while I’m searching for a road trip plan in Fukuoka. May I have a copy of your itinerary? Thanks a lot

    3. Hi Kevin, thank you for sharing your travel experience in Kyushu! We are also planning a self drive trip to Kyushu this October. Would appreciate if you could email me a copy of your itinerary please, to the email indicated. Thank you!

    4. Hi Kevin! Enjoyed reading all your posts on kyshu! I am planning for one in Nov 24 – still on the fence if I should be driving or go via trains :p (can’t drive long 🙁 ) ….can you please share your itinerary?
      Thank you! Bob

      • hi bob, the way I usually plan for drive is nothing more than 1 hour from my base. it’s manageable and you can always opt for the scenic route. you can don’t do Nagasaki if you do not want a long drive. just cover the eastern side for this time should be fun also!

    5. hi Kevin, appreciate you share your full Kyushu itinerary with me as im in midst of planning a road trip in June. tks in advance

    6. I will be doing 14 days self-drive in Kyushu. in Nov. Would appreciate if you can share your itinerary? Thank you.

    7. Sounds like you had a great time. We are planning our 2nd trip to Japan and something like this would be great. Next Feb/March. Not ideal but it’s the only time we could free up. Our 1st trip was based around the major cities – Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto.
      Please could you send over you itinerary to my email as indicated. Thanks so much.

      • yes sure! please look out for it. I think this period you are planning for could very well coincide with the sakura bloom in the southern parts of Japan.

    8. Hello Kevin, i’m planning a 14-day trip in Kyushu and chance upon your travel log is very informative. Appreciate that you could share your itinerary which will help in my planning. Thank you.

    9. Hi Kevin, I am planning for a trip in autumn, would be great if u can share a copy of your itinerary. Your blog is great, thanks for sharing!

    10. HI Kevin,
      I am planning for a trip in Kyushu this autumn. Kindly share your full Kyushu itinerary with me. Thanks in advance.

    11. Hi Kevin,
      I am interested in your itinerary as I will be planning to go next year April. Please send me a copy of the itinerary. Thank you in advance.

    12. Hi Kevin, thanks for taking time and making great effort to compile and sharing your travel experience. I’m planning for self drive this end Oct, trouble you to share your itinerary, thanks : )

    13. Hi Kevin, I would like to have a copy of your Itinerary In Kyushu Japan, appreciate if you could share it with me. Thank you in advance.

    14. Hey Kevin, well documented itinerary! Would you be able to share across, will be great help to our 10-day Kyushu ride! Thks in advance 🙂

    15. Hello! Thanks for your detailed posts on your Kyushu itinerary! Could you kindly share your itinerary to the email registered? Thank you!

    16. Hello! Thanks for the detailed posts on your Kyushu trip! Could you kindly share your itinerary to the email registered? Thank you!

    17. Hello! thanks for the post. Would appreciate it if you can send us your itinerary for this trip.
      Thanks in advance

    18. Hello ! I am planning a trip in October 24, appreciate if you can kindly share your itinerary ! Thank you in advance ! 🙂


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