Mooi Patisserie… adios soon…

    November 30th 2023. That is the day that Mooi Patisserie will close its outlet at Alexandra Technopark. This was announced on their Instagram page a few days ago.

    For those of you who do not know about Mooi Patisserie, they serve pastry and coffee. They specialise mainly in croissants but have a wide array of pastries and cakes.

    My personal favourite is the Kumquat Chocolatine. It is perhaps a perfect mix of local and French… Nah I just like the tangy taste.

    I had to take a photo of all the items on display. They will not be around after the end of this month and everything just looked so good.

    For some reason, their croissants look extremely shiny and Instagramable. I do wish that they did not use paper plates though. The more sustainable way to go would be to serve pastry on proper plates with

    Their croissants are not overly sweet. However, it would be tastier if they could heat the croissants before serving them.

    Their cheesecake is not as good as their croissants. In fact, they are rather disappointing. The cheesecake is too soft. Removing the plastic sheet around the cheesecake will result in the cheesecake slightly falling apart.

    My personal take is that Mooi Patisserie is set up in a rather inappropriate location. It is located in Alexandra Technopark. This is not a place where pastry lovers would come just to buy pastry from Mooi Patisserie. Its pastries are good but they are not good to the point that customers would visit Alexandra Technopark specifically to get their croissants. I genuinely think that they would fare better if they were placed in a shopping mall or in a shophouse in an area where the cafe culture is strong.

    The cafe itself is a very pleasant place to spend an hour or so chatting over coffee and pastries.

    It’s a real shame that they are closing. Hopefully, they will set up shop in a better location. For now, adios Mooi Patisserie…

    Daryl Lum
    Daryl Lum
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