[Media Invite] Oasia Resort Sentosa unveils its new room category, Courtyard Premier, and refreshed Junior Suites!

    Forewarning: If you love staycations, you will love what I am going to share with you.

    In a sea of almost seemingly endless options when it comes to staycations in Singapore, what Oasia Resort Sentosa has to offer stands out.

    A bit of a backdrop to the history of staycations in Singapore. I never knew that staycation was a word. However, after the pandemic, staycation has become a culture and to some, a necessity.

    I have never understood why staycations were a thing. You go to a hotel, you watch tv, you eat, you sleep, you swim, you use the gym. I can do that all in the comfort of my own home. I never understood why would someone pay good money to stay in a hotel when all the creature comforts that the hotel can provide are most likely what you already have at home. Imagine my scepticism when Wilber mentioned to me that he wanted me to go along with him to review Oasia Resort Sentosa. They have a new room category, Courtyard Premier and they refreshed their Junior Suites.

    Ok for one, I had no idea that rooms had categories. When I make bookings for my trips overseas, I categorise them into what I understand. Normal, atas, and super atas. At times it can be willing to pay, pay grudgingly and why need to pay for this? So yes. Courtyard Premier. In my head, it just meant a large room with a balcony.

    Spoiler alert: I was wrong.

    Now the renaming of the rooms into something that truly reflects the room still does not solve my main gripe that staycations are unnecessary because it is no different from staying at home. This is where the concept of Oasia Resort Sentosa differentiates the hotel from just your usual run-of-the-mill staycation destination.

    Oh yes, when my other colleague Kevin heard that we went to Oasia Resort Sentosa, he remarked that this used to be the previous Movenpick Heritage Sentosa with a white merlion in front of the hotel. Subsequently, it became Le Meridian and eventually in 2022 it became Oasia Resort Sentosa.

    The media invite started with a briefing at Oasia Spa. It is located in the lobby area of the hotel.

    I like the lighting deco very much.

    The overall feel of the spa was very welcoming. I think the open-concept nature of the spa lends to the welcoming feel. It was not like some super atas looking spa where only similarly atas customers were welcome. If you don’t know what is atas, I am assuming you are not a Singapore resident. Anyway. nice touch Oasia Resort Sentosa.

    We had the opportunity to choose one of two choices. Either the zen route which encompassed a head and shoulder massage experience and a hands-on body balm workshop or the fitness route which includes a yoga session and a hands-on body scrub workshop. Because Wilber responded to the email asking us to choose which route we preferred, the zen route was fully reserved and we both had the solitary choice of the fitness route. On a side note, even if I had a choice I would have gone for the fitness route. Wilber was pretty sore about the whole thing. He was constantly complaining that he wished that he had replied to the email earlier.

    Oh, come on Wilber…

    Then came the briefing. The hotel staff were all there to welcome us. They explained to us that Oasia Resort Sentosa was just one of four hotels that Far East Hospitality has on Sentosa Island.

    The Barracks Hotel Sentosa with 40 rooms,
    The Outpost Hotel Sentosa with 193 rooms,
    Oasia Resort Sentosa with 191 rooms and,
    Village Hotel Sentosa with 606 rooms.

    Oh, Jess is the hotel manager of Oasia Resort Sentosa. She is a very welcoming and helpful person. If you ever need anything I believe this hotel manager can help you. I met my university friend at the event. She was one of the media as well. She was staying at the hotel with her family during the event and she had some issues with her room and Jess attended to her. The hotel is not vast and expansive and it is easy to find help at every turn and corner.

    I caught a glimpse of what the participants of the zen route would be doing. This would be part of the type of activities that are available to guests of Oasia Resort Sentosa.

    Ok first up. Yoga!

    First impression. Nice room. Perhaps the curtains should be drawn a little to let less light into the room to make it more zen!

    There were eight of us in the class. Wilber, the uninitiated was struggling but hopefully, he will pick up yoga.

    This was Wilber in action…

    It was a very good session. I have attended many yoga classes. I used to have a yoga gym membership with True Fitness. That was before the pandemic and I am so glad to be back in a yoga class.

    Well, next up we were off to see the refreshed Junior Suites. Oasia Resort Sentosa is segregated into two wings. The main lobby is where Oasia Spa and the restaurant Bedrock are located. This is where the refreshed Junior Suites are. The lift to the suites is next to Oasia Spa.

    For starters, what a view. The suites are located in the heritage portion of the building and the floor-to-ceiling windows give the room a very grandeur feeling.

    This is perhaps one of the highest ceilings you can find for a hotel room.

    For some perspective as to the size of the floor-to-ceiling window.

    Every room comes with a yoga mat and if you require some dumbbells, you can request it from the hotel.

    The bathroom looks immaculate. I genuinely hope the pictures do it justice.

    Next up we went to take a look at the new room type, the Courtyard Premier. These rooms are located at the Palawan Wing.

    You need to take the escalators down to this other secondary lobby.

    I like the concept of the Courtyard Premier rooms. It is essentially a one-bedroom hotel room with a huge courtyard. You can choose to enclose the courtyard with a retractable roof. This is ideal for families with children.

    There is a dining area overlooking the courtyard. I can foresee families spending time here in the evenings during their stay. You can sleep under the stars and yet still be in your hotel room.

    This space is for child’s play. You can inform the hotel staff how you would like this space to be set up and they will try their best to accommodate your request.

    Everywhere you go, you are reminded to work out. Can this wellness theme be any more holistic?

    This is how the courtyard looks with the roof retracted.


    One thing that I find endearing about Oasia Resort Sentosa is its focus on environmentally friendly practices. These bottles are recyclable and reusable. I believe you will be provided with normal drinking water and sparkling water. This I got from someone who had previously stayed in the hotel.

    This just makes it so certain that the Courtyard Premier rooms are for families with children.

    Next up was a hands-on body scrub workshop.

    Here I got to learn how to use everyday items which I could find in the kitchen to make my own body scrub.

    The three base ingredients were sugar, Himalayan pink sea salt and coffee ground. You will need six scoops of this, five drops of your selected essential oil and about 4 scoops of the binder. We got to choose what we wanted to focus on. According to the instructor, we should scrub our bodies once every week but since I have not scrubbed my body for more than four decades, I went with three scoops of the detoxifying coffee ground!

    I found the workshop very interesting. It was very simple to follow and the instructor was patient in explaining to the participants about the various ingredients.

    In the mere two and a half hours that I was at Oasia Resort Sentosa, I found myself thoroughly engaged. If you are looking for an experience and not just a staycation, then look no further than Oasia Resort Sentosa. I can see myself spending a weekend at such an experience for the reason that I cannot have such an experience at home. In a time where all of us in Singapore have the choice to travel, the sales pitch for a staycation has to be compelling. I can conclusively say that Oasia Resort Sentosa has something compelling.

    Here’s a video of what went on during our time at Oasia Resort Sentosa.

    Oh, and we were given some souvenirs. I brought these back to the office and the whole team found the various teas very aromatic.

    Oasia Resort Sentosa
    Address: 23 Bch Vw Rd, Palawan Ridge Sentosa Island, 098679


    Yours sincerely,




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