Ju Xing Home 聚兴家 – Wonderful Zi Char Restaurant

    Popular Hong Kong restaurant Ju Xing Home 聚兴家 opened its first overseas outlet (here in Singapore).

    It’s listed on the Michelin guide and a favourite place to enjoy stir fry dishes amongst top chefs in Hong Kong.

    My visit was done on a Thursday evening for dinner. Had to book several days in advance. My initial plan was to try book this place for reunion dinner this CNY, but it was all fully booked online.

    Located at B2 of Takashimaya, the entrance faces the main event hall.

    Once you step inside, the place gives a busy yet happy vibe. Very ‘Hong Kong’ feel. The tables are full and everybody are happily munching away on their food.

    It’s only 3 of us so we decided on 5 dishes. We pretty much went with the recommended items on the menu.

    Double boiled clam soup with mountain pepper. The soup was light and sweet. Not as peppery as I thought it would be, but it’s tasty nevertheless.

    Next up, stir fry Kai Lan with garlic. A classic dish without any bells and whistles. I never quite like this as a lot of the places the Kai Lan taste a bit bitter and the stem is very tough to chew.

    None of the above for their Kai Lan. It was tasty to the last bit.

    Sichuan pepper fish. Another classic Sichuan dish you can find almost everywhere in Singapore nowadays. But you have got to try their version. The fish meat is very special in texture. Almost like I’m chewing on prawns. The lady serving us did mention what fish it was but I did not recall the name.

    The soup is drinkable. Not too oily and very fragrant.

    Dried chilli with chicken. The chicken meat is juicy and well marinated. Not exactly very spicy even though it looks very red!

    Soy sauce fried noodles. A seemingly simple dish but the ‘wok hei’ was ample. The serving size is good for 4 persons to share.

    The menu is not very extensive but I am sure there is something for everyone. Seafood, chicken, pork, vegetables, tofu.

    The serving size of each dish was pretty okay for 4 pax to share. I suggest you bring along more friends so you can order more variety to share.

    There’s no fancy design or creative concoctions. Just your everyday dishes cooked to near perfection.

    I look forward to my next visit to Ju Xing Home.

    My personal verdict:

    Food: 4.5/5

    Ambience: 4/5 (squeeze but cosy)

    Service: 4.5/5 (friendly and prompt)

    Kevin Yeo
    Kevin Yeo
    IG: @kevinyeo82

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