Is It Cheaper in JB? A Price Comparison of Supermarket Groceries Shopping in Singapore and Johor Bahru

    Are you a savvy shopper looking to stretch your dollar further? If you’re living in Singapore, you might be wondering whether it’s worth crossing the border to Johor Bahru (JB) for your grocery shopping. In this edition of “Is It Cheaper in JB?” series, we’ll compare the prices of essential supermarket groceries in both cities to help you make an informed decision and get the most bang for your buck.

    Johor Bahru, located just a stone’s throw away from Singapore, has long been a popular shopping destination for Singaporeans seeking more budget-friendly options. The cost of living is generally lower in JB, and this often extends to groceries. Let’s see how the prices of the same items compare to those in Singapore. We will be comparing the prices between popular supermarket brands (Fairprice in Singapore and AEON in JB).

    Price Comparison (Based on an exchange rate of S$1 to RM$3.50):

    1. Coca Cola 1.5L:isitcheaperinjb-coke
      • Singapore: S$2.60
      • Johor Bahru: RM4.04 (S$1.15)
    2. Pokka Green Tea 1.5L:isitcheaperinjb-pokka
      • Singapore: 2 for S$3.85 (1 for S$1.92)
      • Johor Bahru: RM6.43 (S$1.83)
    3. Vitagen:isitcheaperinjb-vitagen
      • Singapore: S$3.20
      • Johor Bahru: RM4.65 (S$1.32)
    4. Dove Soap (Big):isitcheaperinjb-dovebodywash
      • Singapore: S$5.50
      • Johor Bahru: RM25.50 (S$7.28)
    5. Colgate Sensitive:isitcheaperinjb-colgatesensitive
      • Singapore: 3 for S$15.95
      • Johor Bahru: RM15.60 (S$4.45)
    6. TOP Detergent 3.6kg:isitcheaperinjb-topdetergent
      • Singapore: S$12.70
      • Johor Bahru: RM26.50 (S$7.57)
    7. Julie’s Peanut Butter/Cheese:isitcheaperinjb-juliesbiscuit
      • Singapore: 2 for S$9.95 (1 for S$4.97)
      • Johor Bahru: RM8.99 (S$2.56)
    8. Sofy Comfort Nite:isitcheaperinjb-softcomfortnite355
      • Singapore: S$5.55
      • Johor Bahru: RM11.31 (S$3.23)
    9. San Remo Angel Hair Spaghetti:isitcheaperinjb-sanremo
      • Singapore: S$2.40
      • Johor Bahru: RM5.50 (S$1.57)
    10. Prego Traditional:isitcheaperinjb-prego
      • Singapore: S$3.30
      • Johor Bahru: RM7.73 (S$2.20)
    11. Maggi Sos Cili:isitcheaperinjb-maggisoscili
      • Singapore: S$2.25
      • Johor Bahru: RM4.42 (S$1.26)
    12. Royal Umbrella 5kg:isitcheaperinjb-royalumbrella
      • Singapore: S$9.20
      • Johor Bahru: RM44.49 (S$12.71)
    13. Nutella:isitcheaperinjb-nutella
      • Singapore: S$4.90
      • Johor Bahru: RM17.49 (S$4.99)
    14. Skippy Peanut 340g:isitcheaperinjb-skippy
      • Singapore: S$4.75
      • Johor Bahru: RM15.14 (S$4.32)
    15. Old Town White Coffee:isitcheaperinjb-oldtownwhitecoffee
      • Singapore: S$6.82
      • Johor Bahru: RM18.33 (S$5.23)

    In Summary:

    Singapore (NTUC) Malaysia (AEON)
    Coca Cola 1.5L S$2.60 RM4.04 (S$1.15)
    Pokka Green Tea 1.5L 2 for S$3.85
    (1 for S$1.92)
    RM6.43 (S$1.83)
    Vitagen S$3.20 RM4.65 (S$1.32)
    Dove Soap (Big) S$5.50 RM25.50 (S$7.28)
    Colgate Sensitive 3 for S$15.95
    (1 for S$5.31)
    RM15.60 (S$4.45)
    TOP Detergent 3.6kg S$12.70 RM26.50 (S$7.57)
    Julie’s Peanut Butter/Cheese 2 for S$9.95
    (1 for S$4.97)
    RM8.99 (S$2.56)
    Sofy Comfort Nite S$5.55 RM11.31 (S$3.23)
    San Remo Angel Hair Spaghetti S$2.40 RM5.50 (S$1.57)
    Prego Traditional S$3.30 RM7.73 (S$2.20)
    Maggi Sos Cili S$2.25 RM4.42 (S$1.26)
    Royal Umbrella 5kg S$9.20 RM44.49 (S$12.71)
    Nutella S$4.90 RM17.49 (S$4.99)
    Skippy Peanut 340g S$4.75 RM15.14 (S$4.32)
    Old Town White Coffee S$6.82 RM18.33 (S$5.23)

    Factors to Consider:

    1. Currency Exchange Rates: Keep in mind the exchange rates between the Singapore Dollar (SGD) and the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). Fluctuations can impact your savings when shopping across the border.
    2. Travel Costs: Consider the cost of transportation, whether it’s by car, bus, or train, as this can affect your overall savings.
    3. Promotions and Discounts: Look out for ongoing promotions, loyalty programs, and discounts in both cities that could affect the overall cost.

    After comparing the prices of essential supermarket groceries in Singapore and Johor Bahru, you may find that some items are indeed cheaper in JB. However, it’s essential to weigh the savings against travel costs, time, and other factors.

    Ultimately, the decision of whether to shop in Singapore or Johor Bahru comes down to your individual preferences and needs. If you’re a budget-conscious shopper, crossing the border for groceries in JB may be a money-saving option. However, for convenience and time-saving, shopping in Singapore might still be the right choice.

    Stay tuned for more editions of “Is It Cheaper in JB?” as we explore different aspects of shopping, dining, and living expenses. Make informed choices and make the most of your resources!

    Remember, prices can fluctuate, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest prices before you plan your shopping trip. Happy shopping!

    Wilber Suen
    Wilber Suen
    Embrace happiness! I have a passion for savoring delectable cuisines, unwinding in the soothing ambiance of jazz and piano bars, indulging in rejuvenating aromatherapy spa sessions, and staying up-to-date with the latest in technology and cars. My heart beats for all things Thai, as evidenced by my role in running, a Thailand-focused platform. Whether you spot me in Singapore or Thailand, be sure to say Hi and share a moment of joy!

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