Healthy Snacking with REVIVE

    If you’re looking for healthy snacks, you can check out local start-up – REVIVE. They offer
    delicious, handcrafted granolas, nut butter, and overnight oats which are locally produced.
    They are made with only clean and simple ingredients – without any refined sugar or
    artificial preservatives. All their products are 100% natural and vegetarian friendly, with
    vegan options available too.

    REVIVE Granola

    Start your day with REVIVE granola
    Start your day with REVIVE granola

    Currently, they have 4 different granola variants. Their granolas are unlike anything you have ever tried. They come in large chunks which resembles more like a granola bar.
    Unlike the typical granola out there, REVIVE’s granola also doesn’t come with any added
    dried fruits. Instead, they are packed with nuts, puff rice, and other exotic ingredients like
    cacao nibs to boost flavour and add texture. Their granolas are also handmade in small
    batches, using quality and natural ingredients.

    REVIVE Overnight Oats

    4 flavours for your choice!
    4 flavours for your choice!

    These pre-packed oats that come in 4 flavours are made convenient for anyone who has a
    busy work schedule and wants to enjoy a wholesome oat porridge that can be prepared in less than a minute. REVIVE Overnight Oats comes in large 300g packets of 6 servings. To enjoy simply add 4 tablespoons (50g) of REVIVE’s Overnight Oats into a jar or cup. Then add 120-150ml of milk or milk alternative. Gently stir until well combined and refrigerate overnight.

    The next day you have a ready-to-eat, delicious, creamy jar of porridge oats, where the
    consistency is just like pudding. It makes for an easy convenient breakfast that has a more
    dense and creamy texture than a bowl of warm porridge oats prepared on a stovetop.

    The highlight ingredient in their Overnight Oats is the use of a Monk fruit blend that provides its sweet taste but has zero calories, zero sugar and is zero on the glycemic index. Make this a guilt-free treat for any time of the day!

    Bounty Overnight oats, with layer of dark chocolate
    Bounty Overnight oats, with a layer of dark chocolate

    If you are feeling fancy, you can add some granola, nuts, a dollop of nut butter or fresh fruits to your overnight oats. You can also create the Bounty Overnight oats, which is the latest breakfast obsession on TikTok, where you can add a layer of dark chocolate on top of your overnight oats before chilling it. Once hardened in the fridge, the chocolate layer acts as a cover that keeps the overnight oats moist. It is such a fun way to eat overnight oats with your kids when you crack the chocolate shell with your spoon to unveil the creamy goodness inside.

    REVIVE Nut Butter

    REVIVE nut butters yummy
    REVIVE nut butter yummy

    If you have tried other big commercial brands of nut butter before, you will know the
    difference when you try REVIVE nut butter. REVIVE nut butter by far has the best
    consistency. If you like nut butter that is a little runnier in texture and can be easily spread over bread and crackers, REVIVE is the brand to go for. The runnier texture makes scooping out from the jar so much easier to add into batters to make vegan cheesecakes or other healthy treats. Other nut butter brands have a drier and stiffer texture due to the addition of hydrogenated oils or palm oil that prevents natural oil separation, but not REVIVE nut butters which have a similar consistency to a sauce dip.

    There are 4 types of nut butter to choose from. They have classic peanut butter, cashew
    butter, almond butter and ABC butter.

    REVIVE nut butter does not contain any added sugar, salt, hydrogenated oils or palm oil. If
    you examine the ingredients label, each jar of nut butter only contains nuts and nothing else – not even salt.

    Their nut butter is great for toppings on smoothie bowls and desserts. Adding some healthy
    fats to your diet can help lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.

    REVIVE is a social enterprise specializing in healthy snacks, breakfast cereals, and spreads, including granolas, overnight oats, and natural nut butter. Their vision and mission are centred around creating a more compassionate and healthier world by spreading kindness, one snack at a time.

    Initially, REVIVE’s focus was on health, rooted in the belief that food can be both healthy and tasty. Today, their scope has broadened to encompass a commitment to supporting vulnerable communities and caring for the planet. Throughout these developments, they have maintained their dedication to producing healthy and delicious snacks.

    Under the pillars of Health, Community, and Environment:

    Health: REVIVE creates delicious granolas, overnight oats, and natural nut butter using simple, quality ingredients designed to tempt your taste buds while meeting your nutritional needs.

    Community: REVIVE donates its products to low-income families in Singapore and provides internship opportunities to students with disabilities, collaborating with both private and government organizations.

    Environment: REVIVE is committed to converting 80% of its product packaging into recyclable or eco-friendly materials to reduce plastic waste. Additionally, they are engaging in research and development for a new product line that incorporates upcycled ingredients, aiming to minimize food waste.

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