China Street Fritters: Famous Ngoh Hiang from Maxwell reopens in Telok Blangah

    In the lively world of Singapore’s food scene, there’s a special dish called Ngoh Hiang that many people love. It’s a kind of sausage-like roll dumpling with various ingredients such as minced pork or prawns seasoned with five-spice powder, fried until crispy and delicious. One place that’s famous for making ngoh hiang is China Street Fritters.

    China Street Fritters has been around for more than 80 years, starting as a small stall on the street and later becoming well-known at Maxwell Food Centre. They make ngoh hiang using traditional methods, and it has been a favorite of Singaporeans for a long time because of its crispy outside, juicy inside, and amazing smell.


    In 2022, the owners, who are getting older and dealing with health issues, thought about retiring and selling their recipes. But later decided to keep going, with shorter hours.

    Unfortunately, in July 2023, they decided to close their stall at Maxwell Food Centre, which was a sad moment for many.

    In September 2023, China Street Fritters reopened at Telok Blangah Heights. They now have a smaller operation there, but the menu is the same, with ngoh hiang, liver rolls, and egg slices that people love.


    Despite the new location having fewer customers, I believe the loyal customers will happily follow to the new location to get their fix of ngoh hiang.


    The reopening of China Street Fritters shows how powerful food can be in bringing people together and preserving traditions. It reminds us that dishes like ngoh hiang are not just food; they represent culture, heritage, and the spirit of Singaporeans.

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    As I am a fan of the delicious ngoh hiang from China Street Fritters, I’m thankful for their determination and commitment to what they do. I hope their love for cooking continues to be a part of Singapore’s food scene for a long time.

    China Street Fritters
    61 Telok Blangah Heights,
    Singapore 100061.

    Open Tue-Sun, 12pm to 7pm

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