Chef Goo’s Fried Hokkien Mee – Wet and Crunchy

    Fried Hokkien mee the way i like it. Lots of sauce and pork lard.

    Dropped by car for servicing nearby and prowled Alexandra Village Food Center for breakfast.

    It’s been some time since I visited. The stall operated by Chef Goo seem to be a new addition. (Along the famous Avocardo juice row).

    There are a lot of media feature of this place already. It should be at least better than average.

    The main items are fried Hokkien mee and fried rice. The menu is extensive because he has many variations. Crab, lala, seafood, plain, egg, etc.

    I chose the crab meat fried Hokkien mee. (S$10.50).

    Fans of fried Hokkien mee will know there are generally two schools of cooking. I am in the camp that prefers a wet version.

    He was very generous with the pork lard and chilli. Yes, i do not think fried Hokkien mee is complete without a good dose of fragrant sambal chili.

    The serving size was decent.

    Strangely enough, i do not see a version with sotong. While we always attach a premium to food with crab meat, i felt that having tried fried Hokkien mee with crab meat, i would still prefer sotong as the main ingredient. The chewy texture just accentuate the dish.

    Perhaps i should try the scallops version next time as the texture is closer to sotong.

    The sauce was full of umami, i just wish the noodles has that tad more of ‘wok-hei’.

    My personal verdict:

    Food – 4/5

    Ambience – NA (its a hawker, what do you expect)

    Service – NA

    Will i return? Good friend Hokkien mee are now quite hard to come by. If i am in the area, i will come back and try the scallop version or his fried rice.


    Kevin Yeo
    Kevin Yeo
    IG: @kevinyeo82

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