Celebrate Festival of Lights at the Indian Heritage Centre

    Deepavali, which translates to “a row of lights” in Tamil, symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness. It’s aptly known as the “Festival of Lights.”


    This Deepavali, you’re invited to bask in the radiance of this enchanting celebration at the Indian Heritage Centre’s Deepavali Open House 2023! From 14 October to 12 November 2023, embark on a cultural journey across four vibrant themes, each featuring a diverse array of programs, performances, workshops, and more.

    Weekend 1: Food Fiesta (14 and 15 Oct)


    Kicking off the festivities is the theme of Food. Indulge in the Hyderabad Mock Meat Biryani – Deepavali Edition cooking demonstration, a creative twist on the beloved Hyderabad dish. Or, learn the art of crafting traditional sweets with a hands-on Ladoo Making and Storytelling session suitable for families. Alternatively, take a culinary adventure with a special Food Trail through Little India, immersing yourself in the tantalizing aromas, vibrant street scenes, colorful street art, and delectable street food.

    Weekend 2: Fashion Forward (21 and 22 Oct)


    Weekend two celebrates the world of fashion. Join the Indian Fashion & Saree Draping Masterclass to discover the intricacies of saree draping or explore the rich heritage of South Indian jewelry at the South Indian Jewellery Painting Workshop.

    Weekend 3: Artistic Expressions (28 and 29 Oct)


    The third weekend focuses on the arts. Participate in the Kala Sangam – Indian Miniatures Workshop to acquaint yourself with Indian artistic traditions. Dive into the world of South Indian art with the Tanjore Art Workshop. For the first time at the Indian Heritage Centre, experience enchanting Candlelight Cultural Performances that showcase the beauty of Deepavali through kathak, a classical Indian dance form.

    Weekend 4: Mythological Marvels (4 and 5 Nov)


    Delve into the rich mythology surrounding Deepavali during the fourth weekend. Engage in immersive workshops, including a Dramatized Gallery Tour that brings to life the love story of Hindu gods Krishna and Radha.

    Weekend 5: Deepavali’s Eve and Day (11 and 12 Nov)

    The final weekend coincides with the eve and day of Deepavali. Immerse in the festive atmosphere at the Indian Heritage Centre, adorned with colorful decorations. Make the center your base as you explore Little India during this special season.


    In addition to the exciting ground-floor celebrations, don’t miss the opportunity to explore their permanent galleries on the upper floors, where you’ll encounter a treasure trove of captivating artifacts that vividly narrate the rich history of the Indian community in Singapore.




    Registration for select programs is required at Admission to the Indian Heritage Centre is free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.

    For more information, visit or follow IHC on Facebook.

    To learn more about Deepavali, visit here.


    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the magic of Deepavali at the Indian Heritage Centre’s Deepavali Open House 2023!

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