Artbox Singapore 2024. Bigger and better than last year’s version!

    If I did not remember wrongly, 2023’s edition of Artbox Singapore was also at the exact same hall at the Singapore Expo. While the venue space may be the same, this year’s version seems so much larger. Perhaps it is more well thought out and hence there are more things to see this time around. Heck… even Teo Heng is in on this. Yes, the karaoke Teo Heng…

    We got a sneak peak at Artbox 2024. We went for the media day which is one day before the doors are open to the general public.

    Our creative director Wilber got the team four media tickets. For all things Thai, look for Wilber.

    If you would like to see the layout of this year’s Artbox, I did a walkabout at the event.

    Do note that the crowds are thin as this was a private event for the media. But this gives you a nice walkthrough of the stalls and what is on show.

    This second brief walkthrough had a decent crowd. I believe the organisers allowed some members of the public into the event after the initial preview for the media.

    You are greeted with this huge collection of signs. Confusing as it is but it adds to the whole Bangkok feel. For more authenticity, the organisers should consider putting up an indiscriminate amount of wires connected along a row of poles all across the compound. Trust me, it would not be true Bangkok without the wires running overhead.

    This is the layout of the event. The main focus would be the food stalls quite creatively named Flavour Boulevard and of course shopping district.

    This is the Artbox Stage. Throughout the event, you can enjoy live music while you eat and shop.

    However, it is not just about eating and shopping. There are photo opportunities galore! Even during the media preview where there was a smaller crowd, Willie still succeeded in photobombing this picture.

    I am not artistically inclined so if this is supposed to symbolise something and I am not getting it, I’m sorry.

    This looks like a traffic light. This I get.

    There is ample seating for patrons to dine. The Astro turf laid out below is a nice touch of trying to replicate the outdoors indoors.

    During the media event, Chang beer was giving out free beer. I don’t think that will happen when the doors open to the public. I was agnostic to the free beer as I do not consume alcohol. My colleagues did. I think one of them got rather tipsy.

    Oh and the event is actually called Artbox Avenue.

    You would think that listening to someone on the electric violin would be less enthralling as listening to a full band play and sing. However, Jocelyn on the electric violin was excellent. She was so smart to start the event and her set off with Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses. Brings back memories of my schooling days.

    Wilber looking smart as always.

    There were Taiwanese food stalls on offer as well. When the crowd started to flow in later in the day, this stall was moderately crowded.

    It almost felt like Bangkok…

    This is the Open Plaza area. You can play chess or computer games on Nintendo Switch and some virtual reality platforms. Teo Heng is also in this area. They have two karaoke booths.

    You can create your own souvenier at this stall.

    Karaoke anyone?

    I am not sure how would this work but you can play on the Nintendo switches. For a fee of course.

    The media briefing was where the team from SGAG or Invade brought us around to explain the event to us.

    Artbox would not be Artbox without art…

    Oatbedient is launching some new flavours at Artbox apparently. I’m sorry but even as a vegetarian I’ve not patronised them. Maybe I would have inadvertently consumed some of their products in some drink that I ordered from some cafe.

    This stall, Sugar Belly, sells very good mochi doughnuts. A bit on the pricy side though. I bought 5 and got 1 free and that cost me $30. But it was very delicious. I am not a person with a sweet tooth so that says a lot. My cheat meal for the week settled. Oh, I did not singlehandedly consume all six. I had five other people with me.

    Wilber as always, roaming for food. This guy does have a sweet tooth.

    Artbox originated from Thailand so of course there had to be Thai food options!

    Something that did not originate from Thailand is the game Hopscotch of Pain. That, I heard, is an SGAG creation.


    The fastest across the foot reflexology platform would win $888. That is another reason to attend Artbox 2024!

    Willie in the “you try then I try mode”. This guy… I had to sign up before he followed suit.

    I had my game face on. Strategising…

    Willie was meditating before his attempt.

    To be frank, it was not pain at all. To the people at SGAG, you have to up your game. It was ticklish at best…

    Artbox Avenue is 100% a must go. Of course it is not like the original Artbox in Bangkok. However, this time the organisers have gotten it right. Artbox originated from Bangkok but it evolved and improved in Singapore.

    Artbox Singapore 2024
    Dates: 26-28 January and 2-4 February 2024
    Time: 12 pm to 11 pm
    Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 2
    For ticketing information, visit

    Yours sincerely,

    p.s. Dear SGAG, this is what you need for Hopscotch of Pain. Please get your game master to visit my office to try this particular foot reflexology mat.

    You see the purple mat? I bought that and because it is “no kick”, it’s placed in a corner collecting dust.

    p.p.s. For those who have never seen how the original Artbox is in Bangkok, I visited the last iteration of Artbox in 2019. Here is a video of it.

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