A Wallet-Sized Tripod: The Perfect Tech Accessory for On-the-Go Creatives (Smartphones)

    Are you a travel photography enthusiast looking to up your game? One day, while watching YouTube videos on travel photography, a hidden gem caught my attention: the Pocket Tripod.

    What intrigued me the most was its compact size, which is no larger than a credit card. This meant I could conveniently slip it into my wallet, ensuring I’d never miss a shot, video call, or vlogging opportunity, no matter where I went.

    Here are some scenarios where I envisioned making the most of this ingenious device:

    1. On-the-Go Video Calls: When I’m away from the office, I can easily prop up my phone for video calls without the need for a bulky stand.
    2. Hands-Free Vlogging: Holding the phone hands-free for vlogging is a breeze with this tiny tripod.
    3. Travel Photography and Time Lapses: Whether capturing breathtaking landscapes or creating captivating time lapses during my travels, this tripod promises to be a handy tool.

    So, I decided to take the plunge and order one for myself.

    **Performance and Build Quality**

    For my intended use, the Pocket Tripod works like a charm. Comparing it to my previous MagSafe phone stand from MOFT, the Pocket Tripod’s minimalist and sleek design greatly appeals to me. It feels sturdy in hand and doesn’t come across as flimsy, despite its slim profile.

    The tripod comes in a box set, complete with clear instructions on what not to do to prevent damaging the joints. Additionally, the package includes a variety of adaptors to accommodate different phone sizes and cases. To help you find the perfect fit, they provide a fitting card for easy testing.

    Regrettably, none of the adaptors in the package fit my iPhone 14 Pro with a Polar Pro case.

    But here’s the silver lining: the company offers a one-time discount code for ordering the right-sized adaptor, and they don’t charge for shipping. This thoughtful approach to customer support made the experience quite smooth. The new adaptor arrived within a week.

    The Pocket Tripod is available in various colors, allowing you to choose the one that suits your style.

    **Any Downsides?**

    While the product promises adjustable tilt angles once your phone is inserted, I found that the adaptors were quite snug, requiring some force to make adjustments manually.

    **Is It Worth the Money?**

    I haven’t extensively tested this tripod yet, but with the right adaptors in hand, I believe it will be a valuable addition to my everyday carry. This review is entirely unbiased, as I paid the full price for the item, and I’m not affiliated with the company.

    In conclusion, the Pocket Tripod is an incredibly handy and portable accessory for tech-savvy individuals who love to capture moments on the go. Its sleek design and thoughtful customer support make it a compelling choice for your travel photography and vlogging needs.

    Kevin Yeo
    Kevin Yeo
    IG: @kevinyeo82

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