The Wicked Wallop 2024

    Before this weekend I had no idea what The Wicked Wallop was. If I had to fathom a guess, I would say it would be an event run by One Fighting Championship or Ultimate Fighting Championship. Fight Club Singapore style! On the Wicked Wallop website, it states that “The Wicked Wallop is Singapore’s first custom culture and automotive lifestyle event that celebrates the American hot rod culture of the 60s. It showcases classic and custom vehicles from Singapore and beyond, bringing together owners and enthusiasts of the passion to celebrate the lifestyle of this subculture.”

    Still did not make much sense to me…

    The team decided that we had to see it for ourselves…

    It is currently, at the point of me writing this blog article, held on the rooftop of Carros Centre. It runs for 2 days, 6th and 7th of January 2024.

    Next perplexing point… Where is Carros Centre?

    Carros Centre is located at 60 Jalan Lam Huat. That is somewhere in Kranji, close to Sungei Kadut Drive. In Chinese there is a saying that when translates to English means “a place where the birds do not lay eggs”. This place fits the bill.

    Carros Centre is this mega automotive hub that houses car dealers, car workshops, car leasing companies and auto parts suppliers. Ok so it kinda fits the bill to hold this “custom culture and automotive lifestyle event” here.

    Still made no sense to me. I could not second guess what I would encounter at this event. It did not help that the person who shared the event with me did nothing to elaborate what this event was. We get a lot of recommendations to visit and feature events on Little Big Red Dot. Most of the time we would be told what to expect. Not this time.

    Ok so this is what you will see at The Wicked Wallop 2024.

    Respect all support none… fierce. Cannot offend. Moving along then.

    They even have bicycles. This group less fierce. Ok but I found the display of motorcycles more interesting.

    I am certain that someone would have touched that bicycle.

    We found a huge array of vintage vehicles. If you are not aware, red and yellow car plates are for classic and vintage vehicles.

    Some are on sale! If you are reading this, it should be late Saturday evening. You still have Sunday to snag some vintage cars.

    This brings camping to a whole new level…

    Vintage cars just have more soul and character. It feels like each panel was carefully thought through and crafted. Current cars prioritise innovation and practicality over deliberate quirkiness. Look at this row of cars. They all look distinctively different. Today’s vehicles look very similar between brands.

    I checked, under the faded paintwork, there was no Milo logo.

    Look at the sweet seat covers!

    What car is this?

    I found this car particularly intriguing. It was like its owner was caught in 4 minds and hence the 4 different paint jobs.

    This brings back Initial D memories…

    There were stalls selling merchandise.

    There was live music as well. Although I would say that the crowd were less interested in the music as compared to the cars and motorcycles on show.

    This was a crowd puller. It felt like the Undertaker from WWE was in the house. Would this even be legal on Singapore roads?

    So apparently there is like this vintage car and motorcycle culture. While it is very niche, judging from the crowd at the event, the community is not a small one.

    There were vehicle parades where riders would parade their motorcycles. It was a very carnival like atmosphere.

    There is one day left! Apparently there is some Miss Wicked Wallop 2024. Judging by the event that we went to, I am assuming that the top prize does not go to the lady who beats up the other contestants.

    Looking for something to do on Sunday 7th January? Head down to The Wicked Wallop 2024!

    Yours sincerely,



    Daryl Lum
    Daryl Lum
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