Fore Coffee Brings Authentic Indonesian Coffee Culture to Singapore

    Singapore boasts numerous coffee chains, and the embrace of a good addition is always evident.


    Fore Coffee, a well-loved Indonesian coffee brand, has recently ventured beyond Indonesia for the first time by establishing its inaugural international outlet at Bugis Junction, L1 unit #01-14/14A. This marks a significant milestone for Fore Coffee, as it passionately leads and champions the rich coffee culture of Indonesia on a global platform.


    At the forefront of their offerings are three signature drinks: Gula Aren Latte, Pandan Oat Latte, and Butterscotch Sea Salt Latte. These distinct creations serve as a showcase of the varied flavors and aromas inherent in Indonesian coffee.


    We chose the Butterscotch Sea Salt Latte (a preferred selection among Singaporeans on social media platforms) and the Berry Manuka Americano, and we thoroughly enjoyed both choices, recognizing the reasons for their popularity. However, we were surprised to observe that the cup wasn’t filled to the brim, attributed to our choice of less ice.

    Drinks Menu

    Fore Coffee, now with its premier international outlet in Singapore, is poised for further expansion in the Southeast Asian market.

    Kouign Amann

    Beyond its signature beverages, Fore Coffee presents a diverse menu of pastries.

    Cempedak Crumble Tart


    Our selection, the Cempedak Crumble Tart, though delicious, leaned towards excessive sweetness. If heated up, it would have rendered it perfect.

    The establishment’s warm and inviting ambiance positions it as an ideal setting to unwind and savor a cup of coffee with friends or colleagues.


    With its infusion of authentic Indonesian flavors, Fore Coffee is destined to capture the hearts of Singapore’s coffee aficionados.

    Fore Coffee Singapore
    Bugis Junction #01−14/14A, 200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021.
    Opening Hours: Daily: 7am – 10pm

    Wilber Suen
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